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Introduction to Luoyuanwan Coastal Tourism & Culture Development Co., Ltd.
The Century Golden Resources Group has spent heavily in Luoyuanwan Coastal Tourism & Culture Development Co., Ltd, a comprehensive venue in Asia equipped with abundant marine species and functional facilities. The Ocean World is located in the southeast of the Luoyuanwan Coastal New City, covering a floor area of 172 mus and a building area of 20,470m2; Equipped with a large parking lot, the Ocean World integrates eight themed zones, including Coral Reef Zone, Kids Zone, Ocean Science Zone, Fancy Jellyfish Palace, Ocean Zone, Tropic Forest Zone, Amphibian Zone and Ocean Theater. The Ocean World is a large-scale multifunctional biodome integrating science education, interactive experience, observation and performance of aquatic mammals. The Ocean World has been successfully listed as Luoyuanwan's first-aid aquatic station for aquatic wild animals, and will become the science education base for teenagers in Fujian Province. Moreover, it is striving to build itself into a 5A-level tourist attraction.

Catering & Accommodation

Century Golden Resources Grand Hotel图片
Luoyuanwan Century Golden Resources Grand Hotel has 434 units of various kinds of guest rooms with a total of 625 beds. All guest rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, domestic and international calling access, mini bars, satellite TVs, bathrooms, independent shower nozzles of tropical forest style, safe boxes and unlimited internet access. Warm home-like interior design, smart door locks and complete infrastructures bring you user-friendly and modern services, making the Hotel an ideal choice for your vacation.
Century Golden Resources Grand Hotel
There are 248 seats in the western-style dining room of the Luoyuanwan Century Golden Resources Grand Hotel; various kinds of cuisines from around the world, different types of delicacies that’ll impress your taste buds, everything imaginable can be found in the Huijingge Buffet Room! Luxurious Chinese-style dining room has 21 VIP rooms and 310 fixed seats, the environment here is elegant and the interior design is unique. Celebrity chefs of Fujian and Guangdong cuisines are invited to offer you a delicious and good-looking feast of both northern and southern styles.


Mermaid Performance图片

Mermaid Performance

Mermaids are played by female divers who perform lithe and graceful water ballet for tourists in the ocean theater witho...

Dolphin Performance图片

Dolphin Performance

They are orderly welcoming receptionists; they are adventurous jumpers; they are speeding ocean knights. Our adorable do...

Struggle in the Ocean图片

Struggle in the Ocean

More than 1,500 tons of ocean water dashes down from some 20-meter height in a blink of an eye, which is magnificent and...


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